Image credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai Airports have introduced a new fees for nonconforming baggage

Passengers will now have to pay Dubai Airports a fees for luggage that requires manual handling or items termed as ‘out of gauge’.

Nonconforming baggage fees costs 45 dhs

Baggage that requires manual handling includes items that are too small, too large, too tight, to heavy, are fragile or doesn’t have a flat surface. For such items, passengers will be charged with a 45 dhs fees. Glass structures are common examples of fragile items.

Nonconforming baggage can be accepted but has size specifications

Items should have minimum dimensions of 30cm x 30cm x 7.5cm and should weigh less than 2 kgs. Side lengths of the items shouldn’t be longer than 75 cms and linear dimensions shouldn’t heighten above 158 cms.

Dubai Airports recently amended its parking fees

Last month, rates for short term parking had increased by a maximum of ten dirhams while rates for long term parking were reduced. Parking at the ‘A’ car park for one hour increased by ten dirhams, costing 30 dhs while parking at the ‘B’ car park increased by five dirhams, costing 25 dhs. Whereas, the daylong parking facility used to cost 280 dhs and has been reduced to 125 dhs whilst long term parking used to cost 140 dhs and was reduced to 85 dhs.

Nonconforming baggage fees has been implemented. For more information, go to