Dubai and Emirates launch 'full digital' Covid-19 passport
Dubai and Emirates launch 'full digital' Covid-19 passport

Dubai and Emirates launch ‘full digital’ Covid-19 passport

Emirates and Dubai Health Authority have teamed up to create a passport containing ‘digital COVID-19 medical records’ for UAE based travellers.

Emirates can now processs PCR tests and Covid-19 vaccinations online during flight check-in. Meaning customers don’t need to take their proof of a negative test with them, resulting in faster processing times.

And more time at the airport shops, bars and restaurants – which is a winner in our book!

Emirates will also look after your data. Once the Covid-19 passport information has been processed, any medical records will be ‘immediately discarded from the Emirates systems.’

The digital Covid-19 passport is the first-of-its-kind agreement between an airline and a government health authority.

UAE likely to remain on the UK’s ‘red list’ resulting in no direct flights

The UAE is likely to stay on the UK’s ‘red list’ despite the high vaccination rate in the country which will reduce the number of direct flights between the two countries.

This is despite the UAE’s high vaccination rate and its relatively low infection rate.

The UK is set to lift its ban on non-essential travel from May 17. But direct flights between the UK and the UAE could remain banned.

The UK’s Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps argued that the UAE’s transit hub status means it’s unlikely to be taken off the ‘red list.’ With Dubai and Abu Dhabi servicing millions of flyers a year from hundreds of destinations, Shapps’ argued that UK health authorities could not be certain about travellers’ origins.

Emirates’ president Sir Tim Clark was quick to disagree.

‘Leaving us on the red list for reasons of transit doesn’t make any sense because passengers can just go through other hubs.’

“It compromises our United Kingdom operation for Emirates. It’s a real pity if they keep us on the red list,” he continued.