New curfew rules could be reintroduced in the UAE to curb infection rates
New curfew rules could be reintroduced in the UAE to curb infection rates

Dubai announces long list of fines and new Sterilisation timings to combat Coronavirus

The Dubai government last night announced a host of new fines and curfew timings to further combat the spread of Coronavirus.

The live press conference took place last night and featured a new list of fines and timings to halt the spread of Covid-19.

New timings

From May 20 onwards, Coronavirus sterilisation measures in Dubai will take place from 8 pm until 6 am each day. During Eid, shops and malls can open from 9 am to 7 pm, with revised opening times for after Eid to be released.

Some shops will be allowed to open for 24-hours including food outlets, supermarkets and pharmacies. And mosques and places of worship remain closed, so all Eid prayers will need to be performed at home.

Full list of fines

The UAE government also released a range of new fines…

  • Dh50,000: Fines for those who don’t abide by the closure of schools, gyms, cinema, parks, cafes, restaurants, pools. Dh50,000 fine also applies to those not abiding by opening and closing times of restaurants, parks, malls etc
  • Dh10,000: Fines for individuals who have or had COVID-19 and refuse to download app used for COVID-19 tracing
  • Dh20,000: Fines for individuals who have or had COVID-19 and try to tamper with tracking device or app installed by authorities
  • Dh20,000: Not placing thermal cameras where required
  • Having a party or gathering: Dh10,000 for the host, Dh5,000 for each attendee
  • In cars, more than three people travelling, no masks: Dh3,000
  • Not wearing masks at work, offices: Dh5,000 for company, Dh500 for employee
  • Dh3,000: Company failing to maintain 30 per cent limit on the workforce at the office
  • Not maintaining social distancing at work or other places such as shops or restaurants: Dh3,000 per person involved and Dh5,000 for institutions
  • Dh5,000: Shops that operate beyond permitted times
  • Dh5,000: Refusing to do a COVID-19 test
  • Dh1,000: Refusing to redo a COVID-19 test after two weeks
  • Dh3,000: Violating restrictions during sterilisation period
  • Private tutors violating current rules: Dh30,000 and Dh20,000 for whoever hosts the tutor
  • Moving workers between emirates: Dh10,000 fines for the company and the vehicle will be confiscated.

The UAE reported 832 infections and four deaths from the virus yesterday to take its count to 24,190 with 224 deaths.

The UAE also recently announced it was giving out 212 Golden Visas to frontline workers at the Dubai Health Authority!