Dubai artist celebrates UAE's 50th birthday with new NFT range
Dubai artist celebrates UAE's 50th birthday with new NFT range

Dubai artist celebrates UAE’s 50th birthday with new NFT range

What do you get as a birthday present for the country that has everything? Well, UAE artist Diaa Allam has created a range of NFTs celebrating the UAE’s 50th birthday.

The 50 calligraphy artworks together form the shape of the UAE flag. And each artwork comes with its own Arabic word that describes the UAE’s best qualities.

“I chose the 50 words based on my own interpretation of the characteristics of this beautiful and blessed country that has been home to me all my life,” says Diaa, the 41-year-old artist, who was born and raised in the UAE.

“One of the words, for instance, is ‘aman’ which means peace, then there’s ‘ittehad’ denoting unity and ‘shumukh’ which stands for glory,” he explained.

Each artwork is 1m high and 70cm wide and comes as an NFT and a physical artwork. And each artwork also comes with a digital video that features an Augmented Reality based on each artwork’s word.

This is the second time Diaa has celebrated the UAE’s history. He created symbolic calligraphy art for the UAE’s 40th anniversary and has been planning his new artworks since then.

The artwork is currently on display at the Nakheel Mall in Palm Jumeirah Dubai until
the 25th of December.

And you’ll be able to bid on the artworks when they go up for sale auction in January.

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