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Dubai-based artist Sacha Jafri has taken up isolation in two huge ballrooms at the Atlantis Hotel to create the world’s biggest canvas painting. Called Humanity Inspired, it will eventually be the same size as two football pitches.

Even more impressively, he’s using kids’ drawing from around the world to get started. To date, he’s had more than 6,000 submissions from 40 countries.

We’ve loved finding out some of the amazing ways Dubai residents are staying safe (and sane) over the last few months. And this Dubai artist creating the world’s biggest canvas painting is one of our favourites.

The huge art project is run in conjunction with Unicef, the Global Gift Foundation charity and support from the UAE government.

And, when it’s finished, the art will be auctioned for charity. Which is on top of the $60 million Sacha Jafri has already raised during his career by selling his art for charity.

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