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Dubai Police has sent a new statement stating that alcohol is banned and bars and pubs must stop serving alcohol immediately from Wednesday, June 24 onwards.

The notice reads: “We would like to inform you that it has been decided to close all bars and pubs and stop serving alcoholic beverages as of Wednesday 24/06/2020 until further notice. Kindly inform and abide by the decision to close in order to avoid legal issues. You will be notified to restart at a later time.”

Restaurants can, however, still serve alcohol with meals. But bars and pubs are not allowed to serve alcoholic drinks. And there’s no indication when that will be lifted.

Strangely, Dubai Police lifted the ban on drinking in pubs and bars on June 19, but they’ve now returned to the original decision.

Alcohol was first banned from all venues in Dubai during Ramadan. The ban was then lifted during Eid Al Fitr, and is once again restricted to buying alcohol with a main course meal.

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