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Dubai Airport has quickly bounced back following the Coronavirus pandemic and is now welcoming more than 20,000 tourists and travellers through Dubai Airport each day.

The UAE re-opened its doors to tourists on July 7 and has seen a dramatic increase in the number of tourists and travellers.

And the authorities predict that the number of tourists will return to 2019 levels by November.

At its peak, Dubai hosted more than 100 airlines flying to more than 260 destinations around the world.

‘We expect more to come’

Brigadier Talal Ahmad Al Shanqiti, general director assistant of Ports Affairs in GDRFA-Dubai told the Gulf News“It’s been a month since the order was issued to open borders for tourists. They trust the safety measures in the country. Tourists who arrive will talk about their experience to others and we expect more to come.”

And he expects that the UAE traveller numbers will return to their 2019 numbers very soon.

“We expect by November, the peak numbers will be similar to those of 2019,” he added.

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