Dubai bus driver returns lost bag containing AED250,000
Dubai bus driver returns lost bag containing AED250,000

Dubai bus driver returns lost bag containing AED250,000 in cash

We all need reminders during 2020 that the world can be a good place, and the Dubai bus driver who returned a lost bag with AED250,000 in it is your daily reminder.

Noor Khan is the Dubai bus driver who found a bag containing AED250,000 on his bus at the end of a trip.

He immediately told his supervisor and the bag was eventually reunited with its careless owner.

And the bus driver was praised by the RTA‘s Director-General Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer.

“We pride ourselves on having employees with such great disciplines and fidelity at the RTA. This bus driver took the proper action by handing over the bag to the Buses Supervisor. This attitude fully reflects the confidence in the loyalty and honesty of the employees of our public transit means that commute hundreds of thousands of riders every day. This behaviour boosts the public confidence when using public transport means in Dubai,” said Al Tayer.

Meet the Dubai taxi driver who can speak 10 languages

It’s been a great week for drivers in Dubai. Just check out this Dubai taxi driver who taught himself to speak 10 languages is a proper DubaiLAD.
As well as being a taxi driver and negotiating our roads for a living, 33-year-old Hussain Sayed can do so while speaking 10 languages.
“I can hold a conversation in Arabic, Tagalog, Malayalam, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, Farsi, English, Hindi, Urdu, and Pashto,” Hussain told the Khaleej Times. And he’s even been told he speaks Tagalog better than a lot of Filipinos in the UAE.
Amazingly, he learnt all 10 languages himself. His main tool was Google Translate while he also used several free lanuage learning apps.

“People’s faces automatically light up when you speak to them in their language. There is better respect and understanding between us…I got inspired by that,” he said.