Dubai bus network to get AI co-pilot
Dubai bus network to get AI co-pilot

Dubai bus network to get AI co-pilot

The world is moving pretty fast these days – and your Dubai bus ride is about to get faster, too, thanks to a new AI co-pilot.

The RTA is developing more than 2,100 buses with in-built AI machine learning.

Which effectively means your bus and its driver will get an artificially intelligent (AI) copilot.

The machine learning algorithms will automatically update route maps depending on peak time usage and how popular the bus is. So some stops might be removed entirely at quiet times to speed up your journey. And others might be added during the rush hour.

Cut journey time and emissions

The RTA has tested the new technology across 10 routes over the last month with impressive results.

“During a trial period, the RTA experimented on 10 routes where card data was employed to figure out all-day busy bus stops, stops used during peak hours, and rarely used stops,” said Ahmed Mahboub, executive director of smart services at RTA.

“The trial phase, which was carried out for 30 days, resulted in saving time that would be wasted on bus routes by 13.3 per cent.”

And if it gets the green-light, it could be used on all 150 routes. Meaning less fuel, less pollution and quicker journey times. Just don’t forget to thank the driver and the AI when you get off at your stop.

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