Dubai man tries to bribe police with AED2 million
Dubai man tries to bribe police with AED2 million

Dubai drug dealer tries to bribe police with AED2 million

A Dubai drug dealer is in court after trying to bribe the police in Dubai with AED2 million to drop the case and release him.

The 30-year-old man from Pakistan was arrested last October by the Anti-Narcotic Department after he was caught selling drugs.

And he tried to bribe the policeman in the interview at the police station.

“I was surprised when he offered me a bribe. I asked him for more details and he agreed to give me Dh2 million if I let him go,” said the policeman in records.

The trap was set

Dubai police then decided to set a trap for the accused and asked for more information on the bribe.

“I asked him for time to think and put him in the detention centre. I spoke with another officer who was with me and reported the incident,” added the policeman.

Then when the accused made clear the bribe details including bank information, he was then charged for a second offence by the Dubai Public Prosecution.

Good job DubaiLAD isn’t in the police force as a bribe of AED2 million would definitely make us think twice. Before doing the right thing, obviously.

And taking the money. Haha, no jokes. We’d definitely do the right thing. Definitely.