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Dubai Economy closes 10 shops for ‘annoying’ consumers

Have you ever been interrupted at the mall by a pushy sales person? I’m sure most of us have at some point in time, right?

Well, the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in Dubai Economy is not having it!

They have recently given fines to 95 shops and kiosks and closed down 10 of them “for interrupting consumers and forcing them to buy products” as part of their promotional campaigns.

91 fines and 96 warnings were issued by Dubai Economy

The CCCP said that a total of 91 fines and 96 warnings were issued to violators across a number of shopping malls. There was also an additional 4 fines and 9 warnings that were issued in the open markets.

Report Annoying Promotional Activities, Says Dubai Economy

Dubai Economy is also encouraging the public to report any “annoying” promotional activity in the markets. Such activities can be reported by registering a consumer complaint with Dubai Economy under the category “disturbing promotion in the market”.

They are also urging business owners to comply with regulations and avoid irritating consumers.

Consumers can report annoying promotions either on the ‘Dubai Consumer’ app or the Consumer Rights website, or by calling 600 54 5555.