Dubai enters 'rainy season' as heavy rain recorded across UAE
Dubai enters 'rainy season' as heavy rain recorded across UAE

Dubai enters ‘rainy season’ as heavy rain recorded across UAE

Dubai is about to enter its official rainy season, with large storms yesterday across much of the northern Emirates.

Dubai starts the Al Wasm rainy season on October 16 which runs until December 6. And as well as cooler temperatures – which we’ve all been pleased to feel recently – it also marks an increase in rainfall.

And the rains came early to many parts of the UAE yesterday as big storms swept in.


Hot and humid weather is expected during this week, but the temperatures are set to drop at the weekend which could bring more rain, including to Dubai.

Either way, we’re over the worst of the summer heat as Ibrahim Al Jarwan, a member of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences explains. “Al Wasm season starts on October 16 and ends on December 6. Winter comes soon after,” he said.

Public holiday around the corner

Let’s just hope that the rains stay away for the next UAE public holiday which is coming up very soon!

The next public holiday is scheduled to be the Prophet Muhammed’s (PBUH) Birthday on Thursday, October 29.

Workers in the public and private sector will get the day off work, meaning you get to enjoy a three-day weekend.

The next public holidays after that fall in a short period of time.

Commemoration Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, December 1. And that will be followed by two days off for the UAE’s 49th National Day celebrations. Which – maths fans – means a whopping five-day weekend.

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