Photograph credit: Visit Dubai

Dubai Film Commission Gets A Thumbs Up From Shah Rukh Khan

Dubai has been a hot spot for locations to shoot Bollywood movies including blockbusters starring Shah Rukh Khan, who was all praises for the Dubai Film Commission.

Shooting films in Dubai a “marvelous” experience

Be it shooting a feature-length film like ‘Happy New Year’ or shooting an advertisement as brand ambassador for Dubai Tourism; the superstar says his experience of shooting films in Dubai has been a “marvelous” one and believes it’s because of his huge fanbase. He said, “The experience of shooting in Dubai has been marvelous and maybe I have a bias as people here love me too much.”

World class facilities for production

King Khan praised Dubai Film Commission for its technicalities, options for shooting and making it easy to shoot films on a professional level. “But even if you came as a professional, the conditions to shoot, the technicalities plus the Dubai film commission make it easier to film. You get locations from the sea to the desert, a modern city to car chase sequences. You have the best technicians around the world here plus you get the latest equipment and indoor setups,” he said.

Don 3 likely to be shot in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Nothing’s official but talks are going on about Farhan Akthar teaming up with Shah Rukh Khan and the third installment of the ‘Don’ series. Bollywood analyst Ramesh Bala tweeted about the sequel being shot “extensively” in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, followed by its release in 2019. Here’s hoping seeing Shah Rukh Khan in town again!