Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai Government Clarify Tourist Deportation Situation After British Media Bias

Fake news alert! The case dealing with a Swedish tourist’s deportation has been closed and a statement was released from authorities clarifying her incident at the airport and why she was deported.

Swedish tourist had an expired passport

When it was Ellie Holman’s turn to show her passport at the immigration, she first presented her Swedish passport, which the immigration rejected because it was expired on June 10th, 2018. She then went on to show an Iranian passport, with which she was offered a temporary four-day long visa. However, it meant she would have to re-schedule her flight back within the visa period.

She refused the temporary visa and began insulting

Holman’s situation got problematic when she angrily refused to change her departure flight since it would cost more. The 44-year old Swedish national went on to “verbally insult” the immigration officer and took photographs of the officer via her smartphone. What’s more, with her present was her four-year old daughter and they both were taken to the airport security office.

Legal claim was issued with charges of profanity

For Holman’s actions, a legal claim was issued with “charges of profanity and photographing a government official at the border crossing, a restricted area.” Both Holman and her daughter were taken to the airport security office for “less than 24 hours” and they were provided with services. Within that time, the four-year-old daughter’s father arrived and eventually departed from Dubai. The prosecution dropped charges against her and decided to deport her instead.

Beware: The reason for her deportation is being wrongly reported

British media outlets released misapprehended reports about the case, claiming she was deported due to the consumption of a house beverage during her Emirates flight from London Gatwick Airport to DXB, due to which she wasn’t allowed to enter the city. There were false reports released also claiming that Holman and her daughter were taken to a detention centre and were forced to clean the floors and toilets.