UAE heat and humidity to hit near peak levels
UAE heat and humidity to hit near peak levels

Dubai humidity to hit 90% this week and temperatures close to 50°C

Dubai weather forecasters have warned that heat and humidity could hit extreme levels this week, with humidity up to 90% and temperatures peaking at 49°C.

The intense weather is expected to last for five days until Saturday when conditions will start to ease. Although let’s be honest, that’s a relative term when it comes to summer in the UAE!

The National Centre of Meteorology expects humidity to hit 90% along coastal areas in Dubai leading to some very sticky conditions.

And inland, temperatures could hit highs of 49°C this week.

There is some good news, however, as coastal areas will have an average temperature in the mid to high 30s. Just with bucket-loads of humidity to contend with.

The wet and humid weather is expected to peak in the mornings and evenings. And that could lead to heavy fog patches across the UAE. Oh, and the forecasters have also said that any wind there is will likely just pick up sand and dust, making visibility even worse.

Sorry guys, looks like this is a good week to practise our well-learnt quarantine skills and stay indoors if you can!

The heat and humidity is unlikely to put off this Dubai marathon runner who’s looking to run along every street in the city!