Photograph credit: Dubai Inflatathon

Dubai Infalathon Offering 30% Discount This Weekend!

Dubai’s first ever Inflatathon is set to take place at Safa Park on 23rd November and they’re offering a flash 30% discount this weekend.

Discounted tickets on 26th and 27th November

As the city is gearing up for the opening weekend of Dubai Fitness Challenge 2.0, Dubai Inflatathon’s has come up with a bouncy bargain, selling tickets for as low as Dhs140! The limited offer will be available this Friday and Saturday, 26th-27th October. Use the code: A11INF2018 to avail the offer. Tickets available here.

Photograph credit: Dubai Inflatathon

Bouncy line-up of challenges at Dubai Inflatahon

Participants are in for a surprise at the Inflatathon! The obstacle course includes ten challenges spanning four kilometres, requiring participants to slide through the ‘Himalyas’ and ‘Everest,’ jump over the ‘Triple Treat,’ crawl through the ‘Torpedo,’ bounce over the ‘Gauntlet,’ ‘Fortress,’ ‘Minisweeper’ and ‘Speed Bumps’ and finally climb the ‘Equalizer’ to finish the obstacle course. Beware, there’s going to be a lot of bouncing and tumbling!

Photograph credit: Dubai Inflatathon

Team Inflatathon and Team Pumped warming up across Dubai

Meanwhile, the Inflatahon’s team of dinosaur mascots and the sumo-wrestler sized Team Pumped are battling it out to prepare for the obstacle course. From wakeboarding to bouncing and rolling, the battle is on! You can follow their banter on Facebook to see who’s winning. Participants can purchase the inflatables and join the challenge too.

Save the date: 23rd November

Dubai Inflatathon will be taking place at Safa Park on 23rd November. Participants will be rewarded with a finishers medal and merchandise after completing the obstacle course. Plus, the event will end with a festival-styled party, hosting a live DJ set and a dance stage, alongside an array of food trucks and sponsor stalls.