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Dubai Instagram Celeb Hushpuppi Accused of Targeting Premier League Club in £100m Scam

Yet another scam making headlines for Instagram celebrity Ramon Abbas, better known as “Hushpuppi”, who’s been accused in the US of an attempt to defraud an English Premier League club of £100 million.

Known to his followers as Hushpuppi, 37-year old Ramon Abbas, is a Nigerian businessman.

According to US court documentation, He is said to have targeted victims all over the world in cyber heists to the value of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Arrested In Dubai

The accused was arrested in Dubai last month and extradited to the US.

He has been accused of money-laundering for a gang involved in hacking corporate emails as well as directing big payments to accounts they controlled.

According to the court documents, Abbas was identified on the phone contacts list of another unnamed conspirator as the “Billionaire Gucci Master!!!”

Dubai Media

The targets of this attempt included the unidentified football club, Malta’s oldest bank as well as a company based in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh. They had attempted to defraud a total of £200 million ( roughly Dh927).

We don’t know whether they were actually successful however it looks like some of the attempts to transfer money from the Maltese bank appear to have failed, according to messages between the plotters.

Hushpuppi, as he likes to be called, was arrested last month together with another Nigerian, Olalekan Jacob Ponle, who prefers to be called Woodberry, as well as 10 other men.

Goodbye To The Luxury Life

Thirteen luxury cars, computers and smartphones were confiscated by Dubai Police during the raids.

Mr Ponle aka “Woodberry” has also been charged in the US with wire fraud, defrauding a number of US companies and stealing millions of dollars.

Both men now face a very long time in prison if found guilty.

It looks like Hushpuppi was living the high life here in Dubai – in court documents his address was given as a residence at the five-star Palazzo Versace hotel in Dubai which is described on it’s website as “truly symbolic of the Versace lifestyle”.

It’s no surprise because Abbas was often pictured with Bentleys, Ferraris, inside private jets and wearing high-value designer items.

But now, he is due to appear in court in the US state of Illinois again on Thursday, where he has been charged with conspiracy to launder money that has been secured from the various cyber- crimes that netted huge sums of money.

Legal proceedings will continue in the US on Thursday.