Dubai International Boat Show

Dubai International Boat Show has started and it has found a NEW home

Back for its 26th edition, the annual boat show will be presenting the best from the marine industry and exclusive yacht collections from top international brands.

Its new home is now at Dubai Canal in Jumeirah.

Ahead of the Mercato Mall towards the Water Canal, drivers must keep on their right to head to Dubai Canal, which comes right after Four Seasons resort and Dubai Ladies Club. Parking spaces are available.

Andrenaline junkies can look out for exciting aquatic experiences.

Watersports activities will be going on throughout the event including jet skiing, kite surfing and kayaking. It’s ideal to go for watersports activities during the sunset to enjoy the backdrop of the Dubai Canal and Jumeirah as well as the weather gets cooler during evenings.

Gif credit; Odyssey

Surfing will never be the same

You read that right. The boat show will welcome a new era of surfing as The Jet Surf will premier in UAE. It’s a surfboard with a two-stroke engine and has a top speed of 57 km/h. It’s created and designed by Formula 1 engineer Martin Sula. The surfboard is relatively light as it weighs 15 kgs.

Get ready to witness a four seater jet ski.

The all new Seakart 335 will premier at the boat show as one of the most unique concepts in boat industry. Generally, it’s a big and wide sized jet ski with four seats in it. One can attach a wake board to it too.

The Dubai International Boat Show is currently going on till March 3. For more information, go to