Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

Dubai Introduces Upcoming Floating Islands, Sky Garden & Bicycling Lane Projects

Very soon, Dubai will introduce a Sky Garden, a bridge with running and cycling tracks, dedicated bicycling lanes, and a slew of tourist destinations.

Sky Garden project announced

Fitness junkies, here’s some great news. The Sky Garden is an upcoming bridge which boasts multi-level lanes for cycling and running, surrounded by a green environment. Similar to the Dubai Frame, this bridge will offer picturesque views of the old and new Dubai. It’s estimated to be 380 metres long, spanning an area of 3,422 square metres.

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office

2.5 km bicycling lane in the works

If you’ve passed by the World Trade Centre and Financial Centre metro stations, chances are you’ve noticed the mural arts on its pillars. The area under the viaduct between the two metro stations will soon be transformed into a 2.5 km-long modern green space, including walkways and a bicycling lane. The walkways will include three thematic streets: a Bazaar Street, Technology Park and Urban Park, spanning an area of 54,000 square metres.

Sunset promenade and floating islands coming up in Dubai

One of the upcoming promenades is the ‘Sunset Promenade,’ a new beachfront spot spanning 80,000 square metres connected to Jumeirah Beach Walk. Plus, the concept of the floating island was announced, which is estimated to increase the city’s total beach area by 107,000 square metres. Check it out:

Photograph credit: Dubai Media Office