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Dubai Introducing Fully Automated Driving Test System

Getting a driver’s license in Dubai is going to become a tad easier, with the introduction of a fully automated driving test system. 

Smart Yard Project

Usually, yard tests are supervised by an inspector from the Roads & Transportation Authority (RTA).

With the Smart Yard Project, testing vehicles will be equipped with four cameras, 20 sensors and sophisticated technologies, for examining driver’s skills.

Low margin of error

RTA claims the automated yard testing system will reduce the margin of error, without human intervention.

Khaled Alsaleh from RTA’s Licensing Agency, says, “The process steps up the efficiency of the testing process through automated and coherent operation of several smart vehicles. It also improves safety, thanks to the use of technology to avoid accidents.”

Photograph credit: RTA

15 testing yards fully automated

RTA is applying the system to 15 yards. Every yard will have five cameras for surveillance.

Elimination of “impartiality”

Getting a driver’s license in the UAE is quite a big deal. Some drivers pass their test at first go, while some failed up to 32 times!

The RTA says, having fully automated tests is an objective way of testing a driver, a solution to the issue of “impartial decisions” by inspectors. 

Alsalehi says, “The Smart Yard initiative helps RTA to overcome another challenge; some examinees claiming that results of their tests were sometimes impacted by different perceptions of examiners about mistakes deemed worthy of re-testing. The technology in place now eliminates this issue as it takes impartial decisions that cannot be challenged.”

UAE driver’s license accepted in 50 countries

Thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the UAE driver’s license is accepted in 50 countries now. 21 European countries made it to the list last year, alongside four GCC countries. Check out the countries’ list here.

Line-up of projects by RTA

RTA is working on a lot of ambitious projects.

They recently announced the expansion of the Dubai-Al Ain road, doubling the number of lanes from three to six lanes over a 17 km-long stretch, from Emirates Road to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

Last May, RTA announced the ‘Sky Garden’ project, a 60 km-long walking bridge overlooking views of Dubai Creek. The footbridge will play host to running and cycling tracks.

Other projects in the works include the Sunset Promenade near Mall Of The Emirates, a walkway between Financial Centre and WTC metro stations, and an extension of the Jumeirah Beach Walk.