Dubai Coffee Shop Robotic Festival City
Photograph credit: Pexels

Dubai Is Getting A Fully Robotic Coffee Shop This Year

RoboCafé is putting a twist on that old barista model, introducing a fully robotic coffee shop in Dubai Festival City this year.

Robotic coffee shop in Dubai

The day robots take our jobs is finally here, from car assembly plants to customer service calls and now, coffee shops. RoboCafé will have a team of robots who’ll brew you a cuppa, instead of baristas.

Fully mechanized coffee shop

The whole cafe is fully autonomous. Customers can place their order through a tablet at the entrance, and leave it to the robot arms to serve your brew. In addition to serving coffee, they’re touted to perform musical and light shows too.

They’re yet to announce their food and beverage menu, but considering the amount of circuitry involved in the project we’re guessing “micro-chips” will be on the menu

First café in the UAE to serve beverages by robots

Dubai has been warming up to the idea of a restaurant/café experience with robots serving food for quite a while.

Dubai Mall’s Japanese spot, Tanuki plays host to a sensor-operated waiter, capable of taking orders, serving food and event busting a move, while a former Bur Dubai eatery, Drink And Spice Magics, used to surprise diners with Ruby the Robot, who could serve food and wish them “enjoy your meal!”