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It’s been 25 years since the beloved Friends sitcom first aired and Dubai is going all-out with loads of celebrations to mark the occasion!

There’s a Central Perk Café pop up at The Dubai Mall and The Dubai Fountain

The gang’s favourite hangout spot is getting a replica pop-up located by the Waterfall Atrium at The Dubai Mall until Sunday, 22nd September, followed by an outdoor floatie on The Dubai Fountain against the backdrop of Burj Khalifa for an entire month.

Friends Downtown Dubai Mall Burj Khalifa Dubai Fountain 25 years celebration

The pop-up features the original famous red rug, coffee table and a line-up of accessories from the fictional café. Not to mention their most iconic fixture, the orange couch will be present too!

‘Friends’ getting the Dubai treatment

If you’re anything like us and you remember every lyric from the heartwarming theme song, “I’ll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts, here’s your chance to sing it out loud! Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Fountain are hosting a themed choreographed and LED show from 8:30-9:30 pm on Sunday, 22nd September.

25 years since ‘Friends’ premiered!

For an iconic TV show like ‘Friends,’ time doesn’t determine its relevance. The pilot episode aired almost 25 years ago but still remains a highly watched show till date. The popularity of ‘Friends’ is still quite evident after Netflix’s $100 million (AED 3.67m) agreement with AT&T to continue streaming the show this year.

There’s a café inspired by Central Perk in Dubai

No kiddin’ but there’s a licensed cafe and bar inspired by the pop culture phenomenon. Named ‘Cultural Perks,’ they’re located at Al Fahidi’s Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa and have interiors that boast a “comfortable lounge-style where friends come to meet.” They opened their doors in January, serving a multi-cuisines and beverages.

Friends Downtown Dubai Mall Burj Khalifa Dubai Fountain 25 years celebration
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