dubai crossfit championship
Photograph credit: Dubai CrossFit Championship

Dubai Is Hosting The World’s First Sanctioned CrossFit Championships This December

After six years of high-octane CrossFit action, the Dubai CrossFit Championship, formerly known as Dubai Fitness Championship, is coming up with an upgraded format after being announced as the first ever sanctioned event, from 12th-15th December. Ahead of the CrossFit games season, we caught up with the organizing team, talking about its inception, qualifications, headliners and Dubai in the fitness map of the world.

What’s the purpose and core mission of Dubai CrossFit Championship?

The event’s main purpose is to promote health and fitness in the community and to encourage healthy lifestyles. It also aims to promote Dubai as a leading sports tourism destination.

dubai crossfit championship
Photograph credit: Dubai CrossFit Championship

What’s the procedure of the online workout qualification?

Athletes register to participate in a three-week online qualifier in October. Every week we would release a workout that had to be submitted by the end of the week. After the 3 weeks, the top 37 male and 37 female athletes, as well as 10 teams, would qualify to the finals in December.

What’s the line-up of challenges and events at the upcoming edition?

The workouts are yet to be released but people should expect fun and diverse workouts that test the athletes, this year we will be at the beach, on the desert and at the Dubai Tennis Stadium.

dubai crossfit championship
Photograph credit: Dubai CrossFit Championship

We’ve seen CrossFit championship getting stronger every year with increased participation since its inception in 2012, which countries did former participants come from?

The event has very organically grown since it’s initiation in 2012 and has gone to attract high caliber athletes from around the globe, last year we welcomed 72 athletes from 19 countries, representing 4 continents.

Tell us about the athletes attending the upcoming edition

2018 will see the return of many top names 34 of which are CrossFit games athletes. Stand out names:

Matt Frazier

Sara Sigmunsdottir

Annie Thorsdottir

Laura Horvath

Travis Mayer

It would be safe to assume, the winners in Dubai are likely to go on and win the 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games.

What makes Dubai a desired city for the first sanctioned CrossFit championship?

It’s a well-established event that has constantly delivered high standards overall, hosting and managing world athletes, running well-programmed workouts and maintaining a good reputation with fair and clear rules and regulations.

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Photograph credit: Dubai CrossFit Championship

How do you see Dubai in the fitness map of the world?

Dubai definitely places great importance on health and fitness not only by the great number of sporting events but also by the variety of sports that can appeal to all.

Who’s the team behind initiating Dubai CrossFit Championship?

The event is an Initiative started by HH Sheikh Majid Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Event Director: Saud Al Shamsi

Project manager: Mohammed Ghazzawi

Senior Advisor: Diego Centeno

CrossFit Championship Sheikh Majid
Photograph credit: Dubai CrossFit Championship

Dubai CrossFit Championships will take place at Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium from Wednesday, 12th-Saturday, 15th December. Catch the live action on their event website and on Dubai Sports TV. Click here for tickets.