Dubai launches new Green and Freelance Visa
Dubai launches new Green and Freelance Visa

Dubai launches new Green and Freelance Visa

Dubai is launching two new visas including the UAE-wide Freelance Visa and the ‘Green Visa’ allowing residents to sponsor their parents or children until the age of 25.

The Green Visa is for pioneers, entrepreneurs and other professionals in the green space. And it allows the visa holders to sponsor their parents or their children until the age of 25.

The previous limit was 18.

The UAE has also launched a UAE-wide freelance visa, which will make it easier to stay and work in the country. And provide a lot more flexibility as you’ll be able to work for more than one employer.

Another benefit of the new visas is they’ll have up to 90 and 180 days to renew their visa. The previous limit was 30 days.

Coding Golden Visas

This is just the latest big update to the Dubai visa process.

They recently announced they were looking to attract 100 coders a day, offering a grand total of 100,000 Golden Visas for the world’s best coders.

“We want to be home to the best talent — one of the Silicon Valleys of the world,” said Omar Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence. “We want to export technology to the world and have the UAE’s data law become the gold standard for the world.”

As well as a huge drive to recruit and keep talent in the UAE, the UAE has a big pot of money to invest in the country. A huge pot of money, actually. Like really, really, really big.

Abdulla bin Touq, minister of the economy, has pledged AED 50 billion in the country over the next year.

We’ll have some, please?

AED5 billion will be given to the Emirates Development Bank to support the industrial sector.

And a new website will focus on attracting investment Russia, Australia, Holland, Azerbaijan, Italy, Hungary, China, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Poland, New Zealand, and Indonesia.