Coronavirus restrictions Dubai
Coronavirus restrictions Dubai

Dubai to relax Coronavirus restrictions

After three weeks of continuous Coronavirus restrictions, Dubai is to relax its Coronavirus restrictions for the first time since April 4.

People can now move freely between 6 am and 10 pm and can visit close friends and relatives.

It will be months before the country returns to ‘normal’, but Dubai is slowly preparing to re-start life in the UAE. We’ve picked out some of the most important information below…

Work and business

Businesses are on standby to re-open at 30% capacity. This means only 30% of the workforce are allowed on-site, the rest must work remotely.

Work meetings of five people or more are prohibited, and the maximum working day is eight hours.

There will be AED1,000 fines for anyone in public without a mask.


Hotels are set to operate as normal, but with swimming pools, gyms, saunas and massage parlours closed.

You can now exercise outdoor for up to two hours. But beaches are still off-limits.

Gatherings of more than five people are prohibited. And you’re only allowed to leave your home for up to four hours.

No alcohol is to be served during Ramadan, even after Iftar.

You’ll be allowed to visit the supermarket twice a week, but each visit must not be longer than three hours.


Cafes and dine-in outlets are set to open with 30% capacity. Only single use cutlery is allowed, and there are no shishas or buffet options.

Tables must be at least 2m apart.


Malls are also set to re-open at 30% capacity from April 28 onwards.

You’re allowed one visit per person, with malls set to open from Midday to 10 pm.

Only 30% of the total stores are allowed to open at any one time. And all entertainment, cinemas and attractions remain closed. You’re only allowed to visit a mall for 3 hours. And people over 60 and children between three and 12 are restricted from malls.

75% of the mall parking spaces will be open. The first hour will be free, it will cost AED30 for the second hour, AED50 for the third hour and AED100 per hour after that.

Public transport

The Dubai Metro is set to open within a week with the new operating times of 7 am to 7 pm. Bus and taxi services are to continue as normal.

Emirates have announced that they’re unlikely to return to a full or partial schedule until at least July 1.