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Dubai Making It Easier For Tourists To Get Liquor License

Dubai is making it easier for tourists to obtain a liquor license with their new regulation, there will be no fee and the license will be valid for a month.

How tourists can get a liquor license in Dubai

It’s quite simple. Tourists have to go to any liquor retailer, such as MMI or African + Eastern, present their passport copy with their entry stamp, and sign a declaration, confirming they’re aware of the UAE’s laws and regulations regarding drinking.

Some of the laws include not driving under influence (DUI) and not drinking in public. To make sure tourists don’t do a Justin Bieber.

Free license and a month-long validity

Tourists can obtain the license for free and use it for one month.

Dubai liquor license tourists

Two-year license for Dubai residents

Any non-muslim adult living in Dubai is eligible for a two-year liquor license. To obtain one, you have to submit an online application to a liquor retailer. The application requires your Emirates ID copy, passport copy, visa copy and passport photo.

Obtaining a liquor license was quite a task before. Applications demanded an NOC letter from the employer, father or husband, a tenancy contract and a salary certificate showing earnings of over Dhs 3000 per month.