Dubai man arrested for 'indecent' dancing on the metro
Dubai man arrested for 'indecent' dancing on the metro

Dubai man arrested for ‘indecent’ dancing on the metro

Dubai Police have arrested a man after he was caught doing an ‘indecent maskless’ dance on the Dubai Metro.

The maskless man was filmed by passengers on the Dubai Metro and has been arrested on suspicion of “disturbing other passengers with his inappropriate actions”.

The Asian man has already been fined for breaching Covid-19 rules. And if found guilty, could face a fine of AED5,000 and a possible jail sentence.

The video of the man performing an ‘indecent public act’ on the Dubai Metro went viral on TikTok. And Brig Obaid Al Hathboor, head of the transport security department, said the video was ‘disrespectful’ and showed ‘insensitive behaviour toward the people around him”.

UAE man fined AED10,000 for WhatsApp insult

The Al Ain Court of Appeal has ruled that a man who sent an insult via a WhatsApp voice note has to pay a fine of AED10,000.

They upheld the original judgement by the Court of First Instance. But they did reject the request from the plaintiff to increase the compensation amount.

The court reports show that the plaintiff filed a lawsuit that he’d been insulted by a ‘defamatory’ audio clip on WhatsApp. The phrase used was “Shame on your upbringing”.

The court ruled that he was due AED10,000 for compensation for damages as a result of the WhatsApp insult.

The moral of this story is don’t send insults via WhatsApp. Eek!