Dubai man celebrates 71st birthday with a skydive
Dubai man celebrates 71st birthday with a skydive

Dubai man celebrates 71st birthday with a skydive

There’s living and then there’s really living – like celebrating your 71st birthday by doing a skydive over Dubai.

But he almost didn’t get to make the daredevil jump after his blood pressure was too high. That wasn’t a problem for Dubai-based Indian expatriate Harinarayan Nair, however.

“All those over the age of 70 must get a medical fitness certificate before skydiving as the blood pressure (BP) levels cannot be too high,” said Nair.

“Normal BP is measured at 120/80. Mine was at 160/80. I went to three doctors, and one suggested I see a cardiologist to check the condition of my heart,” he explained.

They all refused to grant him a license. Harinarayan had other ideas which included yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

“On the day of my birthday, my BP was at 140/80 to 145/80, which is permissible at my age. So, I was able to dive on that day,” said Nair.

Adrenaline junkie

His family are a team of skydivers including his daughters and son-in-law. Skydiving is just the latest way he gets his adrenaline kicks, though.

“I have also gone ziplining at Ras Al Khaimah and gone on the fastest roller coaster in the world in Abu Dhabi. I see that my daughters have the same adventurous spirit,” said Nair.

“Honestly, I was not scared at all. Instead, I felt great exhilaration the moment I jumped out of the plane and spent the initial moments freefalling at 120km/hr,” he exclaimed.

“It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but that does not mean I would not try out other adventures because age is just a number.”

You, sir, are a true DubaiLAD for doing a skydive on your 71st birthday. What. A. Legend.