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We’ve needed more than our normal dose of good news this year to contend with what 2020 has thrown at us. So we’re delighted to bring you this tale of Emmy the ‘miracle kitten’ who miraculously survived a 20-minute spin in a washing machine in Dubai.

The two-month-old Scottish Fold kitten climbed into the washing machine with no one noticing. After 20-minutes, the washing machine stopped and Emmy was rescued, damp and in a lot of distress.

The miracle kitten was taken to Dr Amira Elsayed at Petzone Veterinary Clinic who treated the kitten and described her as a ‘miracle.’

“When Emmy was brought into the clinic, she was in a very bad condition. She had trouble breathing, her eyes were inflamed and her temperature was low,” Elsayed told Gulf News.

“Thankfully the water in the washing machine was not hot and that saved her,” she added. They say cats have nine lives – well, maybe Emmy has used up a couple with this amazing rescue!

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