Dubai mosques set to reopen
Dubai mosques set to reopen

Dubai mosques get sterilised ahead of reopening tomorrow

All mosques in Dubai and across the Emirate have been deep cleaned and sterilised ahead of their official reopening tomorrow on Wednesday, July 1.

Dubai Municipality shared a video of the deep clean in process with workers in PPE sterilising every part of the mosque.

Mosques and other places of worship were closed during the nation-wide Coronavirus quarantine.

But with Dubai slowly emerging from the lockdown, it’s time for mosques to re-open. As ever now though, please make sure to keep to the safety measures when you do head back to mosque.

Fines for breaking social distancing rules increased

While mosques are the latest part of the city to reopen, the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority tweeted a series of updates aimed at reinforcing safety measures. And warning those who broke the rules of the new punishments.

All residents must wear a mask in public and social distancing must be observed in all public places.

The update also reminded people that ‘Family visits are limited to visiting first-degree relatives only.’ And residents must take into account ‘physical distancing, especially with the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases.’

It’s still against the rules to gather in ‘public and private places, in homes, farms, and apartments are prohibited.’