Woman accidentally drives car into the sea
Woman accidentally drives car into the sea

Dubai motorist accidentally drives her car into the sea

Just when you think 2020 can’t get any worse, and then you accidentally drive your own car into the sea in Dubai.

That, sadly, is the reality for one driver in Dubai who drove her car into the sea at Al Mamzar Park on Friday. And the worst part is that loads of people were on the beach to watch. Eek!

According to news reports, the 41-year-old driver had suddenly got some bad news on her mobile phone. Distracted, she forgot to put her car into park. And while she managed to dive out of the car before it hit the sea, it was too late to save her car.

The Police Command Room received an emergency call at 4pm on Friday reporting that a driver had driven their car into the sea.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdullah Al Naqbi, the director of Maritime Rescue at Port Police Station said: “The driver didn’t put the gear in ‘P’ and didn’t use the hand brake. The driver accidentally pushed the accelerator making the car drive across the beach and into the water,” he added.

“She didn’t suffer any injuries and maritime patrols with divers went to the scene to extract the car. Waves dragged the car 30 metres into the water and we had to use a winch to extract the car.”

Sadly, driving cars into the Dubai sea seems to be a bit of a habit this year. It was only a few weeks ago we brought you news of this man trying – and failing – to offload a jetski. And ending up with his car and the jetski in the water.