3D building Dubai
3D building Dubai

Dubai opens world’s largest 3D printed building

The world’s largest 3D printed building has just been finished in Dubai! And, amazingly, it took just two days to build.

The two-story 6,900 square-foot structure will be be used by the Dubai Municipality and was built alongside Apis Cor, a 3D printing and construction company in Boston.

The office was built on top of a pre-cast concrete foundation. A 3D printer then created the hollow walls using a fast-drying mix of recycled construction debris, cement, gypsum and other compounds.

As well as using recycled material and creating less waste, 3D printing material is also around 50% lighter and more durable than concrete.

The automated printer gradually built up the internal walls and then built upwards until the walls were at their full height.

Building for the future

It’s hoped this is just the start of 3D printing and building in Dubai.

City officials say they want 25% of all new construction to be 3D printed buildings by 2030.

3D printing could reduce labour costs by 70% and cut construction costs by up to 90%.

‘Construction 3D printing technology is only at the early stages of development,’ Apis Cor CEO Nikita Cheniuntai said.

Dubai to become the hub for 3D printing technology

By 2025, Dubai Municipality has a vision of making all new buildings 25% 3D printed. The authority aims to use this cutting-edge technology in the medical sector too, exploring the use of 3D-printed prosthetic limbs, 3D printed teeth. And even 3D printed hearing aids in public clinics and hospitals. Dubai aims to be the hub of 3D printing technology by 2030.

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