Dubai Police Viraj Asher
Dubai Police Viraj Asher

Dubai Police caught a thief within 18 hours and you won’t believe the amount he stole

Bank customers withdrawing large amounts of money have been warned to keep their money safe ahead of the recent theft by keeping the money on a table.

Dhs 150,000 were stolen

Minutes after the bank customer withdrew Dhs 150,000 and placed it on the table, his money was stolen by a thief who observed the bank customer busy completing paperwork with signatures. The police were alerted and they checked footage from CCTV cameras, which showed the thieves’ faces. It took them only 18 hours to catch them and to recover the money. The crime incident took place at Al Raffa in Bur Dubai.

Photograph credit: Asia Times

Dubai Police solved three money-related frauds within one week

Scandals related to cash-prize, theft and begging took place within a week and Dubai Police was quick to identify and solve the frauds. In one instance, a beggar got arrested saying he wanted to fund-raise money for building a mosque in his hometown and had raised Dhs 300,000. Whereas, a gang of 14 who arrived in Dubai on a visit visa have been arrested for a false cash-prize scandal making calls to people that they’ve won cash prizes and the money will be awarded after transferring an amount of unrevealed cash to their account.

Public can now report cyber crimes online

Recently, Dubai Police launched eCRIME, an online portal wherein citizens and residents can report cyber crimes happening in the city dealing with cyber crimes, including online bullying, cyber extortion, hacking and similar crimes related to the internet.