Dubai Police Crack UAE’s Biggest Drug Crime, Seizing Narcotics Worth AED 278 Million

Illegal drugs worth a whopping AED 278 million were seized by Dubai Police in what is believed to be the UAE’s largest drug seizure.

Two groups formed by Dubai Police

Under an operation called ‘Stalker’, the Dubai Police General Department of Anti-Narcotics were alerted about a drug-trafficking gang. Two groups were created under the name, ‘DXB24’. The first group identified three gang members exchanging a suspicious bag; they trailed the gang all the way to a building apartment, where they discovered 118 kgs of drugs worth AED 120 million, stored in used car spare parts and bags. More gang members were found living inside.

Fake business run by spare parts seller

As the drugs were discovered in used car spare parts, the second half of ‘DXB24’ managed to track down the source of these spare parts. The source of the drug haul was based at an industrial area where they sold parts for Japanese cars. When the group investigated the employees and the workshop through surveillance cameras, they discovered the car workshop was a fake business that was run by an international gang.

AED 278 million drug haul

When Team DXB24 launched a raid, they discovered drugs stored in spare parts across the car workshop, in tyres, cylinders and engines. Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, commander in chief of Dubai Police, said Team DXB24 seized 365kg of drugs, worth a whopping AED 278 million – the largest drug seizure in the UAE.