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Photograph credit: Dubai Police

Dubai Police Cracks Dhs 4 Million Gang Robbery Within 24 Hours

Three suspected gang members behind a Dhs 4 million theft are behind bars after a major crackdown by Dubai Police.

Gang robbed Dhs 4 million from a car

Under the operation “Perfidy,” a thief, identified as an African attempted to steal Dhs 4 million stored inside a money transfer vehicle. The car was driven by two Asian drivers. They left the car in the African driver’s hands when they got off for a washroom break. It turned out, the African driver had other plans with the vehicle and escaped to an unknown place.

Dubai Police cracks robbery

After his escape, the African driver planned a theft with two suspects, identified by the same nationality. They planned to deliver it all the way to Ajman. By then, Dubai Police was reported and they worked with respective police departments to tackle the suspects. According to Khaleej Times, the police officials “surprised” the suspects and recovered the stolen money.

Dhs 4 million recovered within 24 hours

With the help of advanced technology and investigation processes, Dubai Police was able to crack the criminal’s identities and catch them. Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, director of the CID at the Dubai Police, said “Equipped with the latest techniques and programmes of artificial intelligence, the Criminal Data Analysis Centre provided vital information to our field teams on the gang’s whereabouts and identified their intended plan of disposing of the stolen money.

“In coordination with the criminal investigation departments of those emirates, our teams surprised the gang members and arrested them within less than 24 hours of the robbery. The money was recovered from the suspects,”