Dubai Police Catch Car Thief

Dubai Police Deliver Instant Karma, Catching Car Thief in Under an Hour

Criminals in Dubai really don’t stand much chance of getting away with anything for long when Dubai police are on the case. A car thief had a short-lived stint in a stolen vehicle after police caught up with him in less than an hour.

Police officers honoured by the chief

The two officers who made the arrest were honoured by Dubai Police Chief for their speedy response. Major General Abdullah Lhalifa Al Merri, commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, recognised the efforts of their efforts in keeping safety and security. Last month, another officer was honoured for acts of kindness in the community.

The theft happened after a Toyota in Al Qusais area was left unattended with the engine running. On discovering the car had been stolen, the owner contacted Dubai Police to report the incident. Luckily, First Corporal Khalid Ibrahim Al Mazemi and Abdul Raheem Hussain were on duty in the area and we able to respond double quick.

Gone for less than 60 minutes

Within the hour, Al Mazemi and Hussain had located the stolen car and arrested the car thief, a Gulf National. We bet the foiled thief regretted his one hour jaunt! Seriously, getaway drivers have no chance in the UAE….

Luckily for the victim, his car wasn’t missing for long, but Dubai Police have pressed the importance of not leaving your car at risk of the theft. Drivers in Dubai commonly leave their cars unlocked and running outside of their homes, shops and malls. This makes it very easy for opportunistic criminals to jump in and drive off.

Here’s some general advice for keeping your car and belongings safe:

  • Never leave your vehicle running
  • Always lock car doors
  • Avoid leaving your car in remote areas
  • Don’t leave valuables inside your car
  • Always park in well-lit places with CCTV in range
  • Make sure you have a car alarm fitted

Sounds like obvious advice but its easy to become complacent in Dubai with its typically low rates of crime.