Dubai Police Viraj Asher
Photograph credit: Dubai Police

Dubai Police Give A Sneek Peek Into Their Operation With Upcoming Series

Have you ever curiously looked up how the cops solve crimes? Well, Dubai Police is about to reveal all the insights and how-to’s with an upcoming crime series, Behind The Yellow Tape.

Crime series trailer released

In a trailer launched on their IGTV this week, Dubai Police introduced Lieutenant Hamdan Al-Hajj, a crime scene expert assistant at the General Department of Forensic Sciences. He’s part of the first responder team to collect potential evidence at the crime scene and shows how to use criminal methods to collect all sorts of potential evidence.

Warning by Dubai Police

In the trailer, Dubai Police explain how hiding evidence from a crime scene will not hinder investigations. In the opening ten seconds of the trailer, the narrator says, “No matter how hard you try and conceal the evidence, we will be able to uncover it.” The narrator also mentions how Dubai Police have the ability to collect accurate evidence “in innovative ways,” with their specialised teams.

Dubai Police unravelled a Dhs 4m crime in 24 hours last December

Last December, Dubai Police caught a thief within a day after he stole Dhs 4 million from a truck. The thief, identified as an African man, worked for a money transfer company as a driver. He was handed the keys of a truck by his colleagues as they got off for a washroom break. However, the colleagues were left stranded from the drop off point as the driver sped to Ajman. They alerted Dubai Police as they worked with respective authorities to trail the driver. In the end, the driver and his gang were caught and the money was recovered.