Photograph credit: NewsGram and Law Firm & Legal Consultants Dubai

Dubai Police has arrested a beggar and you won’t believe how much he raised

Citizens and residents are warned not to help beggars and to report them to Dubai Police as they recently caught an Asian beggar with 300,000 dhs.

Beggar wanted to build a mosque

From a report by Khaleej Times, the beggar received generous donations by saying he wants to build a mosque in his home country. Dubai Police then caught hold of the beggar and discovered he received 300,000 dhs. The beggar was a resident of a GCC country. Last week, it was announced that beggars caught will be slapped with 5,000 dhs fine and three months in jail.

154 beggars were caught last Ramadan

Since Dubai Police launched the anti-begging campaign, they caught 154 beggars last year, followed by 641 in 2016. So far, Dubai Police has arrested 232 beggars this year. According to KT, most of the beggars were Asians who come to the city on a visit visa to earn easy money by begging during the holy month and taking wrongful advantage of people’s generosity.

Residents can report beggars to Dubai Police

By calling 901, residents can alert the police to catch beggars in their areas. Dubai Police announced they will divide the city into three categories: ‘Red’ indicating heavy presence of beggars, ‘Orange’ indicating few beggars and ‘Green’ indicating ‘few beggars’. Recently, the police had caught beggars who pretended they were blind with 70,000 dhs.