Photograph credit: Expat Media and Connector in Dubai

Dubai Police have arrested an arsonist and you won’t believe what he was up to

Fires erupted outside the Dubai Outlet Mall parking on Saturday, 12th May and the police caught a suspect before he was about to flee the country.

Suspect set fire to eleven cars

Busses, exotic cars and sedans were set on fire by the suspect. According to Gulf News, Dubai Civil Defense was informed at 4:14 pm and a team of firefighters from the Al Laisali station arrived to the mall by 4:22 pm. Fires were evacuated by 4:52 pm and Dubai Police arrived to examine the cause and catch suspects involved in the fire.

Revenge was the motive

Dubai Police caught the suspect, identified as an Asian man, who had a heated argument with another driver, which triggered him to set fire to 11 cars in the parking lot including the driver’s car as revenge. The suspect worked as a driver for the mall and was planning to leave UAE right after the incident.

Criminal charges have been imposed on the suspect

Seven years of jail and criminal charges have been imposed on the suspect and his case will be referred to the public prosecution. According to Khaleej Times, the UAE penal code number 3 states that “starting a fire in a building or a car is punishable by up to seven years in prison.”

Fires erupted at Dubai Marina this week

People at the Dubai Marina area were surprised when a fire broke out at the Zen tower on Sunday morning, 13th May. Dubai Civil Defense took 45 minutes to reach the location and evacuate the fires. No injuries were reported. Residents and occupants of the building are being provided with free rooms and food by Ghaya Grand Hotel at International Media Production Zone(IMPZ).