Dubai Police throwing money viral video social media
Photograph credit: Flickr and Coast Guard Alaska

Dubai Police Lock Up Man After Throwing Money In Viral Video

A notorious Asian man landed himself in trouble after sharing a video of himself “making it rain” on a Dubai street, leading to a jail term by Dubai Police.

Throwing money in the street to gain social media followers

If there’s one thing people are after nowadays, it’s followers and some can do crazy things to grab people’s attention, like dumping their boyfriend, breaking someone’s iPhone and in this instance “makin’ it rain” money in the streets.

The Asian man, identified as in his 30s, announced the stunt via social media however, the video which went viral, reached Dubai Police.

Dubai Police throwing money viral video social media

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Man arrested after sharing the video

As of now, the man is under Dubai Police’s custody and confessed his wrongdoings for the sake of finding fame.

“The man was arrested after he was identified by the Cyber-Crime Department at Dubai Police. He admitted throwing the money to get more likes and followers and to become a celebrity on social media.”

Colonel Faisal Al Qassim, director of the Dubai Police security media department

There’s an AED 1 million fine for mocking the country’s reputation

Any form of content ruining the UAE’s reputation is subject to a whopping AED 1 million fine.

“People should know the law. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. Article 29 from the cyber-crime law states that people who publish news or rumours in purpose of mocking or damaging the country’s reputation shall be punished with jail and fined up to Dh1 million.”

Colonel Al Qassim