Dubai Police smart helmets
Dubai Police smart helmets

Dubai Police now using ‘Smart helmets’ to screen for Coronavirus

It might look like something out of Robocop, but Dubai Police’s Smart Helmets are at the frontline of new technology to scan for the Coronavirus.

The smart helmets use thermal screening to detect high body temperatures, which could indicate Coronavirus.

The helmets take a few seconds to accurately scan people’s temperature. So far, Dubai Police have used on public transport in Dubai.

Brigadier Obaid Al Hathboor, Director of Transportation Security at Dubai Police, said “The helmet can detect the temperature. And using Artificial Intelligence helps in face recognition and identifying cars plate numbers. It is part of the department strategy to secure the transportation sector to prevent the spread of the virus.”

And, as we revealed last week, sniffer dogs could be used in Dubai to literally smell out Coronavirus.