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An off-duty Dubai Police officer went above and beyond his call of duty to help a stranded motorist change his tyre during Eid Al Adha.

Motorist stranded on Emirates Road after tyre burst

Changing a car tyre, as you’d imagine, is an exhausting task, especially during the summer, when the country swelters in 45° heat.

Indian expatriate Abdul Wahab was stuck on Emirates Road (E611) between Sharjah and Ajman after his tyre burst on Friday morning. Some motorists refused to help him due to the scorching weather. What made things worse was he had an existing “knee problem.”

Dubai Police car tyre punctured tyre motorist

Photograph credit: Magpixel

Off-duty Dubai Police officer helps motorist change punctured tyre

Things didn’t look good until a Dubai Police officer driving down the motorway after his nightshift saw him stranded and offered to help. He told a local newspaper:

“My front tyre had burst and I pulled over to the road shoulder to change it. But I could not do it as I have a knee problem. Some people, who stopped by, refused to help as it was very hot. Thankfully, an officer, who is on his way home after a night duty at the Bur Dubai Police station, stopped his vehicle after seeing me and he lied down on the ground to change the tyre for me,”

Photograph credit: Khaleej Times

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