Dubai Police raid casino, 17 arrested

Dubai Police have jailed 12 people who ran a casino from a villa in Dubai, while 5 others were fined for gambling.

Dubai Police captain said the force organised a raid in April on one such property in Al Rashidiya after a tip-off, in an effort to purge the gambling dens runs from homes across the emirate.

Poker and Roulette Tables

Police officers who conducted the raid found poker and roulette tables inside.

In court documents, the Police captain stated:

“The two-floor villa has gambling tables, a cashier and other tools used in gambling. It has a surveillance system in all rooms and there was a service for providing beverages and food for customers.”

Another officer said several mobile phones were also seized in the raid and that prison sentences were now a reality for some of them.

“There was a room in the villa as a command room containing screens to monitor the other rooms and gambling areas,” he said. “There was a screen to show the bets. We seized three new iPhones inside the room.”

Charges for organising gambling

A 29 year old Chinese citizen was charged with organising gambling at the secret den and sentenced to one year in prison, fined Dh100,000 ($27,225) and will be deported on completion of his prison term.

The other members of the group were aged between 21 to 39  and were working in the casino as cleaners, shisha servers, translators, a technician, a watchman and croupiers.

They were charged with criminal abetting and were each sentenced to 3 months in jail, fined Dh100,000 and will also be deported upon release.

Customers found in the villa

Five customers who were found in the villa during the police raid denied engaging in gambling and claimed that they were attending a party. However, they were fined Dh10,000 each for gambling.

All money and gambling tools have been confiscated by order of Dubai Courts.

The UAE law prohibits any form of gambling, including the  advertisement thereof.