Dubai Police Rescue Four Underage Girls Forced Into Prostitution At Deira Nightclub

Four underage Bangladeshi teenage girls forced into prostitution at a Deira nightclub have been rescued by Dubai Police after a raid.

Underage girls brought to Dubai with fake passports

For over a year, four Bangladeshi girls, aged between 16-18, worked as dancers and prostitutes at a nightclub in Deira. These girls arrived in Dubai with fake passports arranged by their employer, to present them as adults so they could work legally in the country.

Forced into prostitution

In an attempt to earn money for their families, these girls got trapped into prostitution. According to Gulf News, they were told to have illegal affairs with three customers every month. One of the underage girls said, “Four days after arriving in the country, they took us to the nightclub and told us that we will work as dancers. They asked me to have illegal affairs with three customers per month.”

19 women caught in raid

Last March, an undisclosed source reported to the Dubai Police about the dancers, claiming some of them looked too young to work at the nightclub. After raiding the nightclub, they discovered the four Bangladeshi girls, as well as 19 more women, in their 20s and 30s.