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Dubai Police rescued a young Arab man after crashing his jet ski into the breakwater at Al Mamzar.

Dubai Police rescue Arab man after jet ski crash

A 20-year-old Arab man was jet-skiing around Al Mamzar last Monday afternoon when he crashed into the breakwater.

The Maritime Rescue Team from Dubai Port Police Station spotted him holding onto the sinking jet ski and immediately pulled him onto their rescue boat.

Arab man sustained injuries during crash

He was rescued with a bleeding leg and was treated by the rescue team. An ambulance arrived at Al Mamzar and rushed him to the nearest hospital, In Sharjah.

The Maritime Rescue Team towed his jet ski too.

Check out Dubai Police’s futuristic jet ski

As if high-performance cars worth megabucks like Bentley Continental GT, BMW i8, Bugatti Veyron, Chevrolet Camaro SS, Aston Martin One-77 and Nissan GTR aren’t enough to catch people, Dubai Police has an amphibious transforming ATV that converts into a jet ski to catch criminals on the sea. Check it out:

Dubai Police jet ski crash Al Mamzar breakwater

Photograph credit: Dubai Police

Drones to catch reckless jet skiers

Dubai Police warns they deploy aerial drones to monitor beaches to catch jet skiers speeding or performing any reckless stunts.

“Some people break the law in the sea like people on jet-skis crossing the lines of their designated areas and endanger the lives of other sea users like swimmers. Drones will support our work in preventing sea accidents and secure the coasts.”

Brigadier Abdul Qader Al Bannai, Director of the Dubai Port Police Station,
Dubai Police jet ski crash Al Mamzar breakwater

Photograph credit: Dubai Police

What’s your favourite Dubai Police vehicle?

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