Dubai Police Viraj Asher
Photograph credit: YouTube and iStockPhoto

Dubai Policeman’s Generous Move To Help A Family Will Leave You In Awe

How nice! Thanks to Emirati policeman Lieutenant Abdul Hadi Al Hammadi, an Arab mother has been cleared from facing imprisonment.

Her family was struggling financially

Her husband ran a private company registered on her name, which had a Dhs10,000 fine. When the family were summoned for questioning, they were told to either pay the fine or the mother gets a jail term for 100 days, since the company was registered in her name. It was a difficult situation for the family since the husband was busy running the company and the mother was busy taking care of their seven-month-old son.

Paying the fine was close to impossible

None of the family’s friends were able to help them pay the fine. Speaking to Gulf News, the husband said “I called my friends but I couldn’t raise the money. I was hopeless. My wife would be in jail and I didn’t know what to do because I have a seven-month-old child. It was a difficult situation. I even asked them to put me in jail instead of her”.

Lieutenant Al Hammadi decided to pay the fine

Seeing their situation, the policeman approached the father to wait in a room as he will see how to find a solution. After five minutes, the father was surprised when the policeman returned and handed him a receipt of the fine, advising him to complete the procedure and to return home. Lieutenant Al Hammadi then told about the father’s situation to Brigadier Saeed Hamad Bin Sulaiman, director at Rashidiya police station, who agreed to share the amount paid.

Recently, a policeman was given a promotion for his generosity

During Eid Al Fitr last June, a family headed to Oman during the long weekend and at the border checkpoint, their car broke down because its radiator heated up. A policeman, Salem Al Badawi at the Hatta-Oman checkpoint noticed the father, Fateh was working on the car for long and when he approached the father and realized their situation, he decided to give his SUV so the family can enjoy the Eid holidays.

Upon their arrival, Fateh dropped his family back to Dubai and headed back to Hatta to return the SUV. Al-Badawi even repaired his car and initially didn’t agree to take money for the repairs. Eventually, he agreed to take money only for the spare parts. Not only did Fateh thank him, but the news reached out to Dubai’s Ruler, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who promoted him from an officer to a first rank officer.