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Dubai ranked best city in Middle East for student life

Education consultancy QS Quacquarelli Symonds recently released its annual findings on what it’s like to be a student.

According to the results, London took the title for the world’s best student city, even though it was very close to the bottom of the list for affordability! That’s interesting…

In fact, the city made it to the top of the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2023 for a fourth year in a row!

Dubai Ranked Highest in the Middle East

While Seoul, Munich, Zurich and Melbourne rounded out the top five, Dubai was the highest ranked city in the Middle East and came 51st overall.

The rankings also found that the cost of student life has risen significantly.

Speaking about the study, Ben Sowter, senior vice president of QS said:

“Worryingly, cities are broadly becoming less affordable for students by QS’ measures, with just under 90 per cent declining in our Affordability metric”

Factors taken into account

The ranking looks at a number of factors, including student mix, employer activity as well as the range of highly ranked universities in a single city.

Another factor taken into account is for example, where London scored 98.5/100 for “student view” — which is when students would recommend it to others.

Sowter noted that London had garnered an “outstanding opinion of students who have studied there and the exceptional quality of its universities — both of which translate to an outstanding student experience”.

Cost of living

Sowter also noted that the cost of living is of concern.

“However, with the cost of living a growing concern across the UK, the potentially diminishing affordability of studying and living in the city and Britain more broadly is at the forefront of the public and policymakers’ consciousness.”

98,426 students were given the opportunity to express their views regarding their time spent in a given city as part of the rankings.

Here’s the top 10 Best student cities in the world 2023

  1. London
  2. Seoul
  3. Munich
  4. Zurich
  5. Melbourne
  6. Berlin
  7. Tokyo
  8. Paris
  9. Sydney
  10. Edinburgh