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Dubai ranks most popular TikTok travel destination in the world

With 81.8 billion views of the hashtag #Dubai on TikTok, our very own city has ranked as the number one place to capture content!

A new report based on data collected by luggage storage company Bounce shows that Dubai ranked number 1 out of 140 cities!

That’s impressive…

Endless places to capture creative content

There’ so much to see and do in this beautiful city – from trendy beach clubs, sandy beaches, top class hotels to the most innovative exhibitions.

We are actually not surprised by this ranking at all!

The city was the clear winner as posts featuring the hashtag #Dubai had up to 81.8 billion views on TikTok at the time of the research.

The 2021 winner of this ranking, New York, came in second place this year , with 59.5 billion views while London came in third place with 36.8 billion views.

Turkey’s Istanbul bagged fourth place with 34 billion views and Paris came in fifth with 33 billion views.

So from now on, make sure you add #Dubai to your TikTok reels to keep our city ahead of the pack!