Max Calderan takes on the Empty Quarter
Max Calderan takes on the Empty Quarter

Dubai resident takes on the Empty Quarter, Earth’s last uncharted frontier

Sometimes a walk to the corner shop in winter is bad enough for us to ask if they deliver instead. So we can only stand back and admire Dubai resident Max Calderan as he takes on the Empty Quarter.

Truly one of the last uncharted frontiers in the world, Max is aiming to be the first person to cross the 1,200km sea of sand on his own.

Max started his epic trek in Najran, 880km from Riyadh at the start of the week and aims to finish in 20 days.

Others have completed shorter sections of the route or used camels or off-road vehicles. But Max, the Dubailad that he is, will walk solo and carry enough food and water for being refuelled after 450km.

Sand and deliver

They weren’t messing around when they named it the Empty Quarter.

The uninhabited stretch of desert is home to 60 storey sand dunes and blistering sand storms. No one lives there but poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions. Even birds fly hundreds of miles out of their way to avoid it.

And yet… Max is aiming to stride through the middle of it.

Extreme desert explorer takes on the Empty Quarter

Max’s secret weapon

Max though, has a secret weapon. No, not a stash of Pocari Sweat but his own body.

He has abnormally low levels of cortisol, meaning his stress levels are insanely low. He’s previously held 11 world records including running for 90 hours straight across Oman and covering 365km of the Wahiba Sands in a blistering 75 hours.

Good luck Max, although by the sounds of it you won’t need it. Schwarma and Pocari Sweat is on us when you get back!

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