Dubai Move Permits
Dubai Move Permits

Dubai residents can now get one Move Permit every three days

New restrictions mean that Dubai residents can now apply for a Move Permit only once every three days during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Permits are allowed for emergencies, vital work and essential shopping. But under stricter guidelines, you’ll only be able to apply for a Move Permit in Dubai every three days.

You can also apply for an ATM cash withdraw permit, but that’s also been limited to one permit every five days.

And medical permits are no longer an option. Instead, you’ll need to apply under the new medical emergency category.

You can apply for a permit here.

There is better permit-related news, however.

Dubai tourist and resident visas are now valid until the end of 2020 if they expired after March 1. So at least that’s one bit of paperwork that you don’t have to fill out online.